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I am interested in the 13 inch.  I have only used Windows PCs so far.  I primarily use Microsoft Outlook and Office (Word, PowerPoint, Excel).  I VPN into my corporate network and browse the Internet.  I have Outlook open all the time along with an Office application and a couple of browsing sessions.  I would also like Windows 8 installed, if possible, side by side.  I rarely watch movies on my laptop and never play games. 


I am confused (due to the deluge of information online) between Macbook Pro (not Retina) and Air.  I am looking for recommendations alongwith a few answers.  Is 4 GB sufficient for my multi-tasking needs?  Is 128 GB enough (my disk usage is very very minimal, less than 25 MB) but I will be installing Microsoft Office and (optionally) Windows 8 (not mandatory)?  I use a DVD drive very rarely - will an external drive be good enough if I go with the Air?  


PS:  Best Buy has a $200 discount on Air and a $100 discount on Pro which initiated my interest to buy a Macbook.

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