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pleeeasee help!!! i dont know what to do! at first, i was just cleaning my macbook keyboard and i pressed something that changed keyboard language, but i checked everything and it all said that everything was alright, later, i turned off macbook- in hope that when i turned it on, everything would be normal, but then,  i couldn't even sing in my account  because i had a password set on it, and every time i try typing the password it types something completely different, and then, i read a post, that in cases like this, we should press command+d while the computer is turning on, and let release the keys as soon as i see grey screen. BUT (i am so dumb) that i pressed it longer... and now, i don't know what it is doing, but i's telling me to choose network, but when i am trying to choose it, and  write the password, it doesn't do  anything! pleasee help me somehow!!!