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Does anyone know how to copy a playlist from an i pod to my i tunes program on the computer ?

Also when I made a playlist on the i tunes program on the computer I was unable to copy it directly to the playlist section on my i pod, it just goes into the music section mixed up with the rest of my music. Is there any way of doing this or does anyone have any ideas ?

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    I'm not sure exactly what you're doing, but it doesn't sound right to me. You cannot create a Playlist which then "goes into the music section of your iPod" where it "gets mixed up with the rest of the music".


    A Playlist is a list of songs that you want to have in one specific list, even though they are from different albums, artists, genres etc. Yes, the songs etc. will be in the same songs list as all your other music. But the list itself (those songs, in one list) will be under Playlists. Don't confuse "albums" with Playlists. (Yes, they are both lists of songs, to be played. But it's easier if you call an album an Album, not a playlist.)


    You may already have done this first part, creating Playlists, but just in case, it's below. If you know this part, skip to the section beneath the dotted line.


    Start by switching to your Playlists view:



    and then click on the + icon in the bottom of the column:



    and select New Playlist (make sure it is not the "Smart Playlist" option); you will have a page like this:



    It shows your Songs view, where you can drag songs into a new playlist, on the right. You can also name the Playlist to whatever you want.




    Sync the Playlist to your iPod.


    If you use Sync to manage your iPod, then whe you connect the iPod and allow it to complete the Sync, your Playlists will go onto your iPod.


    1. On the iPod Classic, scroll down on the Main Menu or the Music Menu to Playlists and press the Select (centre) button to go into it. If the Playlist isn't there, let me know and I'll tell you how to display it.
    2. Scroll down and slect the Playlist you want.


    You also asked how to get a Playlist created on your ipdo back into iTunes. This suggests that in fact, you already know everything I've said. But...


    If you create an On-The-Go Playlist on your iPod Classic, a Sync will put it into your iTunes Library, under the Playlists section. iTunes should rename it as from New Playlist x to On-the-Go x where x is the next number available. It should also be put back on your iPod as On-The-Go x.

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    Again thanks for replying and trying to help but I'm still having no success so I will try and explain what I have done so far.

    All my CD's have been loaded into the i tunes program on my computer.  I then made a number of playlists from those CD's. These are listed under playlists in i tunes on my computer.

    I then connected the i pod to the computer and sync music to the i pod, disconnected the i pod, switched it on and went into playlists and there was none. But all my CD music had been loaded on, listed under the music section.

    Reconnected i pod to computer, clicked on i pod, then "on this i pod" It displayed all my CD music that is on the i pod, same as on the computer.

    Then clicked on Autofill From: and selected "playlist X" (playlist X being a particular playlist stored in i tunes on the computer) Clicked on Autofill, and a message pops up that says  i tunes cannot add any songs to the i pod because it already contains all the songs in the playlist "playlist X"

    Disconnected i pod, no playlist on i pod.


    I must be doing something wrong. Please help.

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    Where, on your iPod, are you looking for the Playlists you created, which menus?

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    Music > Playlists

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    Connect your iPod to iTunes and look on the iPod/Music pane. Make sure that either;

    • you have Sync Music/Entire Music Library selected; or
    • if you have Sync Music/Selected playlists, artists, albums and genres selected, that you have ticked the playlists you require.


    It may just need another Sync to sort out the iPod.

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    Thank you so much. Had never looked at the i pod/Music pane. Resynced "Sync Music/Entire Music Library" and everything now works perfect.


    Regards, Alex