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I noticed this morning that, if I try to email a group of photos from Aperture (using Share --> Email) with Apple Mail as my email client, Mail will hang and show "Resizing ####.jpg" in the status bar (with ### representing the file name).  If I mail the photos individually, or in smaller groups, I don't get this message and Mail functions normally. I first noticed this when I tried to send 10 photos in the same email.  When Apple Mail hangs with the "...resizing..." status, it's really hung...I have to Force Quit the Mail application.


I never saw this behavior in iPhoto (I've just started using Aperture) and am wondering if this is an Aperture problem.


I'm running the latest version of Aperture on a brand new iMac 27" with 16GB of RAM. The photos I'm sending were taken with my camera set to Raw, and I'm sending processed versions of them.


Has anyone seen this behavior?

iMac, OS X Mountain Lion (10.8.2), 3.2GHz Core i5;16GB RAM; Late 2012