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Aperture and BorderFX

Hi Communities Iam running OS 10.7.5 / 2.66Ghz core 2 duo with 8GB memory.

Running Apertur v3.4.3 and BorderFX 1.7.2(384)

When I come to export my photos out of Aperture using BorderFX (so I can put borders on my photo)the photos do not go why I would like them to go,  there all ways go the to a folder could Pictures ?.

I till BordersFX which folder I would like them to be exported to, But there still end up in the folder Pictures.

Please Please HELP I'am going round the bend

Aperture 3, Mac OS X (10.7.5)
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    This is a bug that the developer knows about and has contacted Apple about.


    Here is his blog link detailing the issue:




    You will most likely need to wait for an update from either Apple or Reinhard, depending on where the bug really exists.

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    Hi CorkyO2

    Thank you so much for your speedy reply.   I did send an email to the developer who said he was working on the problem.   However, that was 3 or 4 months ago!   I will just have to wait for Apple or the developer to come up with the answer!


    Good little plug in though!