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everytime i sent a video chat request it just says waiting for _____ to answer, and

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    In the new Messages App you can have an iMessages account and older "iChat" type accounts


    iMessages accounst are created with registering an Apple ID which can also be used on iPhone and iPads or iPod touches and iMessages are then synced across all devices.

    It is an Apple Only service and is text only


    In the Main Message Window/interface once you have starts an iMessage chat you can use the Video icon which will start up FaceTime to Video Chat


    Messages main Interface window.png


    "iChat" Type accounts

    Messages in built on top of what was iChat and you can still use the Names and IDs that you used in iChat.

    You can see lowere left in the pic I have 10 such accounts logged in (The pic also indicates I keep the Buddy Lists separate - if you use the combined list the view is different).


    You can then work two ways

    Starting a chat like the iMessages way but to an AIM Buddy (or Jabber) and than also use the Video icon and this will start an A/V chat in Messages.

    Example pic of a chat between two of those Logins

    Screen Shot 2013-01-27 at 21.07.56.png

    Here the Video icon will start an "iChat" Style chat (if it were an outside Buddy - obviously I can't video to myself on the same computer)


    The alternative is to have the Buddy lists On show and work from a Buddy list and it's icons

    This is the same Account as the above pic but in the Buddy list.

    Buddy List.png

    You can start from the Green icons or highlight a Buddy and use the bottom icons (or the Buddies Menu) or right click a Buddy.


    To Unlink Combined Buddy list go to Messages Menu > Preferences > General Section and untick the line about Gathering all Accounts into one list  (It's actually all Non iMessages accounts as the iMessages account does not have a Buddy list)




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