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I bought my wife a refurbished Macbook Air from the apple store about 6 months ago, and we've had nothing but good experiences with it. But unfortunate things happen to everyone, and she ended up tripping one night and spilt a small bowl of salsa down the screen of our Air. The salsa rolled down the screen then into the back vent.


Doing alot of iPhone repair in my spare time, I figured I would atleast take a look inside. The salsa is only about an inch inside the case on the logic board, but seeing the green dust of death. I assume it is not repairable without replacing the whole board.


My main question is, is it anyway possible to recover information from the flash storage? We have nearly 6,000 pictures, most of them not backed up by iCloud. Wondering if it is possible since it is not a standard ssd or hd.


Then lastly, what would be the best course of recuperating the most money to go towards buying another Air? My first thought would be to sell it on Ebay as is, if we can wipe the storage.


Macbook Air Model: A1369

MacBook Air, OS X Mountain Lion (10.8.2)