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I previously owned a Canon 400D and loved Aperture for the entire workflow, it was just a breeze. Now got a new Canon 6D and also took some test photos with the 5D mk3, and every Raw that I import just looks awfully dark and contrasty.

That is, for a moment they look nice, and then, when they're fully loaded, they turn dark and contrasty.


I thought something would be wrong with the cameras, but opened up some of the pictures in lightroom or in Photoshop, using the adobe raw processor, and there, everything looks nice.


I never knew that the aperture raw processing was so bad, not just with colors, but also with noise reduction for example. Am I doing anything wrong, maybe with some secret color space setting or so (cam is set to sRGB), or are the raw profiles in aperture for these new cameras just not implemented properly yet?


Example Images:





Adobe Raw Conversion (nothing done, except hit auto adjust and increased the luma denoise a bit)



what is going on?? I seriously what have never expected such an enormous impact on image quality by the software, especially since I thought Aperture was a Pro-tool. Look at the sharpness of the images!!

Final Cut Pro X, Mac OS X (10.6.8)
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    Do you have any picture styles set in your Canon 5D Mark III? I.e. "Preserve Highlights"? These are not reflected in the raw.  Aperture is processing only the raw when doing the raw developement and does not apply any of the in-camera settings. But the camera-generated preview - show when loading the image - does reflect the preprocessing by the camera. Adobe raw converter on the other hand does understand the "Preserve Highlight" setting and applies it, but it is camera specific. I would not use any camera programs when shooting raw. You will not see in the viewer, what your raw image will be like; if it is over exposed for example.


    See this discussion: RAW Processing problems with Canon 5D Mark iii




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    Hm, at first glance it seemed that the other thread describes exactly the same issue, and it got resolved by your answer, but I don't have preserve highlights on, not on any of the cameras. Besides, did you take a look at my pictures in close detail? Did you see the enormous difference in sharpness detail and noise between aperture and Lightroom?

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    Yes, I had a look. The contrast and noise are most obvious in the darker areas with bad lighting situation. That remonds me of another discussion. Aperture seems to have a problem with the developement of raws taken in artificial light, see: Re: Strange blue color

    How are your "Raw Fine Tuning" settings in the Adjustment panel? I found that the default value for the "Boost" is way too high for my Canon raws. Reducing "Boost" and hue helped a lot to bring out detail. If the controls are not grayed out, I'd also try to adjust the noise and sharpening controls in the Raw Fine Tuning and save the best settings as a default for your cameras.



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    I tried to reduce the boost setting and things got a little better, but still, what Aperture puts out looks like an ugly jpg compared to the output of lightroom


    Another example: I got pretty close thanks to your advice, but in the details you can just see how noisy and blury the aperture picture looks:






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    I performed some more tests and basically the denoise and sharpeing module of aperture seem to lack the power of lightroom, because you can get pretty close, but thr resutls always look a bit messy in direct comparison

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    Looking at your newest examples, this seems again to be a problem of the strong blue colors. I'd send feedback to Apple and file a bug-report: http://www.apple.com/feedback/aperture.html


    Some of the missing sharpness looks like color bleeding to me, also aliasing at the strong edges. Have you also tried the demosaic setting in the Raw FineTuning?


    Screen Shot 2013-01-27 at 19.53.26.png



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    Hm, the moire filter doesnt really do anything to the picture.


    After doing tests the entire day I feel like the biggest difference after you figured out all the other settings manually, seems to be the raw denoising in aperture wich just seems to suck im comparison to Adobe's software.


    But there's also other differences, like whenever I hit "auto" on the basic raw settings in LR, like expose and such, the result always looks better, more defined, more structures and fine details, small highlights come out and the shadows are still there, where aperture sometimes seems to work a bit more rough. What puzzles me is that I never had those issues before with my 400d raws.

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    I forgot my initial question: How would you describe the bug report to apple?

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    Can you put some of the 6D's RAW files somewhere they can be downloaded?  Do you have the same problem with 6D RAW files downloaded from the Web (such as sample files provided by reviewers)?  Can you provide a link to them as well?


    It seems like a bug, but it is worth ruling out your system, your camera, and your workflow.

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    I'm trying out some sample raws from another website now and will be reporting back soon!

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    Ok so I tried it out with some samples by other 6Ds at ISO 6400, and the results are similar. As long as I completely deactivate the noise reduction in both applications and don't touch any other controls, pictures look pretty much the same, but as soon as I hit the "auto" button in Lightroom for exposure, brightness, contrast and stuff, it makes the pictures really shine where aperture just fails

    Same with the noise reduction...


    But the "images appear too dark on import" issue remains in both apps, but in LR it's just not an issue because it then immediately corrects the contrast with the Auto function.


    Original Image:



    Lightroom's basic autocorrect look:



    aperture's basic autocorrect look:

    http://chfilm.de/download/foto/aperture_autocorrect.jpg (look how it overexposes everything)

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    I'm having this same issue with Aperture 3 and my Canon 6D. It wasn't a problem until I updated my system to OS X 10.8.4. The same thing happens in Preview too. So my guess is that it's Apple's RAW processing and not just Aperture. I've started shooting RAW+JPEG and the difference is staggering. The RAW images are way too dark and heavily vignetted. Here's a sample (JPEG on the left, RAW on the right, no adjustments to either).



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    Well it's just another small little coffin nail in apples "abandon the pro user strategy".

    I'm just mad at them for in the past it was exactly those tiny details that made their software stand out. I had to switch to a lightroom based raw processing workflow, then only preserve the best 100 processed photos as jpgs and send them over to aperture in order to have them in my photo stream and together with the rest of my library.


    It's really sad! But Lightroom shows the Raws as they're supposed to look like and also does way better processing afterwards when it comes to noise reduction or recovering highlight details.


    Try it out! You'll be astounded. And please send a report to apple!

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    I have been fortunate enough to recently upgrade myself to a Canon EOS 6D. After my first shoot, I was heartbroken to see the poor quality of the images--dark, low contrast, etc. This was fixable in Aperture with some effort, but then I started noticing serious blue and orange color artifacts around high-contrast edges, and a near total loss of detail in deeper shadows. I was about to return the 6D as defective but then tried a couple images in Canon's RAW processing software. And I was blown away by the results--gorgeous images, perfect contrast and loads of shadow detail that could be extracted with the right adjustments. I also grabbed a trial of Lightroom, which produced results similart to Canon's software.


    So there's nothing wrong with the camera. Apple's RAW converter for the 6D is just flat busted. How could something this bad have actually made it out the door?


    I've been a long-term Aperture user--since version 2.0, and have grown to love the interface and the effortless workflow for organizing images. But the issues with the 6D RAW converter have pretty much forced me to abandon Aperture over night. Hello Lightroom.


    As with previous comments, I suspect this is really just part of the thin end of the wedge with Aperture and that it may be headed for extinction. Sad.


    Here is an example that shows the shadow issues. Both are 100% views of he same RAW file loaded without any additional adjustments--except that I've cranked up the shadow level to illustrate the Aperture RAW converter's failure:



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