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G5 seems to be really slow. I never remember it being this slow.


I have a huge project that I dare not even start because rendering a one minute video takes like 10 min with just a few transitions  and key frames.


  • Ive re-installed the OS
  • Ive ran Disk Warrior on all disks
  • it has 8G of ram and Ive ran a ram tester which says the ram is fine.


there must be something with this machine that I cant put my finger on.


I have a little zbox plastic pc with 160g sshd, and 4g of ram that runs way faster (although Im not asking it to render video)


any other performance suggestions out there?


how does your G5 handle rending a simple 1 min video?


CPU says 243 threads and 59 processes


under system memory:


page in/outs (I dont know what this is) says 93173/0


free memory is 5.59GB


disk usage


D1 = 150GB free

D2 = 420GB free


I set the scratch disks to an external


.. I shot in DV 24P 720x480 anamorphic -- although after import it says 29.9fps NTSC 3.2 DV




render control is "same as sequence codec"


its Mac OS X Version 10.4.11 (Build 8S165)


I get the beach ball when using compressor but today, I'm not even at the stage of using compressor yet. just putting some keyframes in a 1 min video.


anything else Im missing?


just switched to Adobe Pro res for editing... will not play a simple transition unless its rendered!


RT is set to Unlimited and Dynamic. 

G5 Power Mac, Mac OS X (10.4.11), 2x 2.6Ghz DCPs, 8GB Ram, 4+TB storage Acer X243W