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My website is entirely coded into Flash AS3. Is there a way to convert it into HTML5? Apparently, Adobe's Wallaby and Google's Swiffy doesn't seem to work so well? Please Help?


Will Apple eventually support Flash on its iOS devices?

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    Hi David - It's not likely you'll find a tool to do a hands-off translation from AS3 to HTML5.  Additionally, it is even LESS likely that Apple will ever support FLASH on any iOS devices.  It would also appear that Flash is being recognized as a fading technolofy even by the folks at Adobe. 


    Having written alot of AS3 myself - my experience is that AS3 is way closer to JavaScript than it is to HTML5, per se.  One of the reasons that is my guesstimation as to why Apple has steered away from Flash - and this is just my opinion - is that it is a proprietary technology and HTML5/CSS3 are OpenSourced technologies. 


    Just so you know you're not alone, there are scads of websites which are facing the same situation as are you.


    You might take this challenge as an opportunity to refactor your website and learn about HTML5/CSS3 as part of the bargain. 


    Well - that's all the news that fits from here.  Best of luck to you.  It'll be interesting to see if anyone else has more/better info for you.

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    Thank you for your kind and informative reply. Yes, I have heard this before. My coder, however, believes that AS3 is not going away soon. I have just been wasting so much money on time trying to get my website coded properly so it works on all devices. I just love how Flash is so seemless. HTML5 isn't.

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    Hi David -


    Well your 'coder' is right... AS3 is not going away anytime soon - but sites/browsers/devices which support Flash are quickly sliding off into the ether.   Also - please note I am no expert on ANYTHING - but, like everyone, have both opinions and a belly-button. 


    It's not so much that Flash is 'seamless' - it's a wall-garden of execution that has been ported to run on several platforms.  The browser just hands off whatever is your request and the flash-execution-code for that environment runs it.  HTML5 is supposed to replace Flash to the extent that platforms and devices which are "HTML5 compliant" should be able to take the same input and prodice the same results.  However, as best I can tell, it is not a perfect world and it's still relatively early in the HTML5 world. 


    At one point all you had to worry about was Internet Explorer, FireFox, Opera, Safari and other desktop browsers.  Now there're mobile devices in the Android and iOS world which have incredible screen-size limitations, limited processing power, limited memory resources, little or no opportunity for 3rd-party plugins, and so on. 


    From my perspective, it makes more sense to go with HTML5 because, Flash is, as they say, "So 20th century". 

    Depending on the nature of your website [are your pages all animation and graphics - or spreadsheets - or textual with images, one other possible solution you might want to look into is an "Application Server" - like JBoss - where you can write all your 'business logic' in Java (and other languages like JavaScript, PHP, etc). 


    Yet another approach might be to go with something like Drupal or Wordpress or Joomla! - or any number of such environments.  They can do some incredible stuff and it's completely customizable.


    Well - that about drains my brain-jiuce ono the subject.  GOOD LUCK!

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    Not only will Apple not support Flash on mobile devices, even Adobe has abandoned it.


    Also, I don't know why businesses love Flash websites so much. Customer absolutely hate them.


    Find a professional (not a "coder") to build a web site for you.

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    While flash player on android is being abandoned html5 is still limited for certain audio applications and the Flash platform is still very useful because with one development process you can produce a .swf output

    for use on webbrowsers on desktop systems and you can also output from

    Virtually the same file iOS apps to sell on the app

    Store and android apps to be marketplace. For a small company that is incredible.


    We'll see how long apple let adobe do it for but at the moment coding

    iOS apps in Flash with as3 makes a lot of things possible for us without learning c++.


    Of course being able to do it all in HTML5 would be great

    But what we need to do with audio in our apps is ( at least last time I checked) is not possible in HTML 5.




    Best tommy banana