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I'm in the process of moving some Aperture content from one machine to the other.  About 13000 referenced masters. Older images on both machines, a small number of newer images, plus edits to older versions, on the "from" machine.


I can find all the new images - a smart albums that finds all the versions from imports after a certain date. That confirms I put all the masters in the same folder.


But, how do I find versions of older masters edited after a certain date?


I thought that  I could do that with a smart album, but I can't seem to find a rule setting related to "last modified date". I know that Aperture knows the last modified date -  I can show the information in the Info inspector.


I tried showing the entire library in the browser, but then I found that I couldn't sort by "last modified date"


Does anyone know a way to find all  versions created/modified after a given date?





Aperture 3, OS X Mountain Lion (10.8.2)