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Just got myself a nice 27" iMac, after my old G5 (running 10.5.8) just died on me (motherboard busted, HD was OK).


On the old machine I had several Mozilla browsers that I was running occasionally, when Safari got too sluggish.  When getting the new iMac I did the Migration from my old HD.  So I'm not sure what exactly was migrated to the new iMac....


Safari now works fine on the new iMac, but Firefox just wont connect, and I do need it from time to time (certain sites still won't work well in Safari).


I mentioned Mozilla browsers used in the past, 'cause I'm SUSPECTING it might have SOMETHING to do with the fact I can't connect to the Internet with Firefox... Or maybe OS 10.8.2 won't work with Firefox 18.0.1 ?



iMac, OS X Mountain Lion (10.8.2), 27", 8 GB Ram