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Hello , everyone i have question bout eq in logic .


id like to know when equalising drums in logic is it possible to get meter/bar representing each drum via its input like for instance if i wanted to eq the whole kit before recording is there a way invidually hear each drum so am able to eq better ?

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    To begin with you have to route each individual drum instruments to separate tracks in your Logic Mixer, assuming the drum set has mikes typically positioned per instrument. Now each track has its own metering and can also be dealt with sound wise, to a certain extend, in an individual manner. But you have to bear in mind that the sound you will record is the sum of all the mikes. Leakage from different sources will blur the sound of the one mike you're monitoring. Meaning that it will sound different when the drummer starts playing. I prefer to only listen to individual drums in solo if I want to correct annoying resonances. Most of the time I listen to the mix as a whole whilst tuning the sound of the drums.

    Oh, and a friendly word of advice: TUNE the pitch of the drums correctly, that makes 50% of a drum sound. The other 50% come from the drummer who's playing. As a matter of fact, when recording a good drummer on a well pitched drum kit one just can't go wrong!


    Good luck!

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    Hi there thank you for your reply and not sure if u understood my question so anyway so am going to start from the beginning and give u an idea of how i have my drums set up i have them connected via 5 mics on each drum by using a mackie mixer > plugged in the mac (Using Logic of course) and have set up 5 channel strips in logic in mono. Now next thing is lets say assuming the drums are tuned but not Equalised via the mixer and are all plugged in ready to go how would u go about setting the whole thing up using both mixer end and logic then once done i can record then further any adjustments after recording.  Id really like to know how to get this sorted as i have some annoying sounds all the drums like bass drum i hear rattling of the beater doesn't sound very bassy sounds some what awful and the snare has to many high tones and the tom sounds like its distorting the mic lol was thinking if it help  i could maybe email you sample my drums to you to try give you  a better idea of whats going on.


    Much help is greatly appreciated 

    Thank You

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    Well indeed Adarax,  your questions are more complex and I failed to anticipate more thoroughly on them.

    Here is a link to read, I'm afraid I could not explain it better than what's written there, certainly not in email format.

    Just scroll to letter D for Drums:




    To get full advantage of the Mackie Mixer (What kind by the way?)and Logic, you also need an audio interface I think. The audio interface will allow you to connect Logic and the Mackie Mixer in a way for you to exploit the full potential of both.


    You might also want to look here:






    Have a nice day!

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    Hello I am using a mackie 1620i mixer with a presonus headphone amp and its a set of shure mics.


    And thanks for the video links