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When I hit "sleep", it takes almost 30 seconds for "sleep" to execute.  I need to find out where PCShowServerPMWr is located so that I can delete it. 

I performed a pmset -g log and here are the results:


Time stamp                Domain              Message                                                                    Duration  Delay    
==========                ======              =======                                                                    ========  =====    

UUID: A62D2BE7-2008-4A80-9C7D-51A58AB7F076

1/28/13 8:25:00 AM EST   Sleep              Software Sleep Sleep: Using AC (Charge:98%)                                3236 secs
1/28/13 8:25:00 AM EST   Timedout            Kernel: Response from PCShowServerPMWr timed out                                    30000 ms 
1/28/13 8:25:00 AM EST   Assertions          PID 60(apsd) Released ApplePushServiceTask "com.apple.apsd-waitingformessages-sandbox.push.apple.com" 00:40:14  id:0xc000001f9 Aggregate:0x1040

MacBook Pro, Mac OS X (10.7.1)