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I have puchased an iPad 4th generation from authorized apple reseller in my country online. In the online store, the product number which I purchased was MD510TU/A but delivered one was MD910TU/A. I asked the reason of this and they said some products were imported in scope of special project. I was not satisfied with the answer and returned the item but my doubts are still groving. I suspected that the store was selling official apple products. If you search the product number MD910TU/A on the internet some Russian and Romenian sites will meet you regarding that the product was demo or something like that. Can you help me on this issue? What should I do? Is there any official apple community that unveil this?



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    My understanding is that the demo models used in Apple Stores or Best Buy etc are not supposed to be resold and may not be fully functional.  One way they could appear on the market is if they are stolen.

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    Thanks for your answer Tom. The seller is an authorized apple store. I did check from apple website. But the thing is if they are authorized to sell this products. Do you think that I should inform apple legal services?

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    Today, I found the answer from authorized apple reseller. MD910 is a demo model which is sent by apple to authorized resellers for exibiting. They may have lack of features and prohibited to be sold online.