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After updating to 6.1, I opened the Music app. All my playlists and songs appeared to be there and could be played (both device-resident and iCloud tracks), but if I go to Artists, Albums, Compilations, Composers, or Genres, it says “No Music.”


I have tried:


  1. Turning Match off and on again.
  2. Turning Match off and on again again.
  3. Turning Match off, wiping the Music app storage, syncing some 4,000 tracks via USB, and turning Match back on.


None provided a permanent fix. I did get an artist list after doing the manual sync, but sometime after turning Match back on, it disappeared again.

iPhone 5, iOS 6
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    Rob Marquardt Level 2 Level 2 (285 points)

    So, sort of a solution to this based on this tidbit found online.


    1. Turned off iTunes Match (device-resident songs were shown, still nothing under Artists or Albums).
    2. Changed language to Spanish (no change).
    3. Changed language to English (Artist and Album lists were now populated).
    4. Turn iTunes Match on (playlists load, but that’s it — otherwise only showing music that’s on the phone).
    5. Turn iTunes Match off (playlists disappear almost immediately, which is unusual).
    6. Turn iTunes Match back on (both device and cloud music is now shown… mostly).


    So the bulk of the music is now shown under Songs, Artists, and Albums, but not all. There are a few missing albums that show up on a search, but don’t appear in any category lists. But that’s an issue for a different post.

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    I encounter this issue on my ipad. However I have searched for specific tracks under song view. When I switched to album or artist view I got the message No Music. Song search criteria was still in search box.


    I think this is something that has been introduced in iOS 6.1 - it did not happen before.



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    I was having the same issue on an iPhone 5, iOS version 6.1.4. I tried signing in to and out of iTunes match several times with no luck. Finally, I saw this post and tried changing the language on my phone from English to French, then back to English. Like magic, my iTunes Match library was properly indexed in my Music App. Thank you!