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I just picked up an Apollo and currently have a Studio Project T3 Tube mic.  I am planing on purchasing a Vintech X73I and possible a different mic.  I am looking for some ideas of a good combination.  Should I get a Tube mic or Condenser.  Was looking at the Avantone CK12.



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    Nice choice on the Apollo - just saw some amazing demos at NAMM where Fab Dupont was tracking a band live on top of 140 pre-recroded tracks, on a MacBook Pro, with 100+ UAD plugins, at 1024 buffer size, with no latency. Was pretty jaw-dropping stuff.


    Since you've already got a tube mic I would go for a condenser. I haven't used a CK12, but given the price point I'd be a little wary of it - when "tube" gear is priced in the low hundreds, I tend to find the tube isn't really doing much except adding noise. It's also likely to be less reliable than a well built condenser, sine the tube is an additional failure point.


    I would go for a nice condenser, but which one really depends on the sources you're going to be using it with.