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I have a 13" MB Pro late 2011 model running Mountain Lion with 2.5 ghz and 8 GB ram. I have a TC setup at home as wireless network and my phones, ipads, PCs, and MB Pro all connect to it with no problem. The problem is when I leave home and connect to another wireless network my MB Pro tries to connect to the TC about every 15 seconds and a message pops up saying it could not connect to the server "Time Capsule" and it forces me to click ok. As you can imagine, clicking ok every 15 seconds makes it impossible to use the computer. I have tried turning off time machine but it makes no difference.


I have tried to read other posts and could not find the answer. Only reason I state this is because I once asked a question and there was another post out there and several got mad at me. I'm just trying to figure this out. Any help is greatly appreciated.

MacBook Pro, OS X Mountain Lion (10.8.2)