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I have created a 12 page newsletter with photos and converted it to a pdf using the "Pages" pdf function under Print.


In order to get it to an emailable size, I used the quartz filter in PDFPen.


The large photos in the document are now significantly blurry.


Is there a different process/procedure I could use that wouyld allow me to reduce the file size without losing so much clarity in my photos.


As background:  I have inserted all the photos as jpegs.  In some cases, I do photo editting in iPhoto and then convert the photos to jpeg and then I look for them in Finder..  I usualy drag the photos directly from "Finder" into the document.  I am self-taught through the school of trial and error; I may have missed some big item in "easy production of emailable newsletters"!


Any advice or suggestions will be appreciated.  Thanks.

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    What size do you want for emailing? Which size does the first PDF have?


    You can also try File > Export > PDF > better . Better will give you a 150 dpi.

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    A 12 page newsletter with lots of photos will inevitably grow to be at least a few mb, you can only minimise that.


    1. Trim the photos outside of Pages to be just what you see cropped in Pages


    2. Set the resolution to the absolute minimum 72 dpi or 120 dpi for a slightly better appearance


    3. Resave them using jpeg2000 and with as great a lossy compression as you think is acceptable


    4. A trick used in web pages is to slightly blur the images before jpeg compression and to selectively blur backgrounds.