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Help! I have a junk email in my bulk mail account that will not go away, It's for Senior people meet.com dating which I guess I may need one day but not now. An error message appears when I attempt to move it to trash. It is also on my ipad.

When I google the site it has multiple complaints about it. Would like it gone please. thxs

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    What iMac model are you running and what OS version (from "About this Mac."?


    Also, how are you acessing your e-mail? Web-based or via a mail client program like Apple Mail or MS Entourge?

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    Hi Allen

    Thank you for your response. I have Mac OS X  version 10.6.8 & access my yahoo account via apple mail.

    Your question made me realize I had not attempted to delete the spam on the web yahoo site so I did & it deleted fine. I had assumed it would be an easy fix, just could not see the woods for the trees I guess. Again thank you for your response it prompted the solution.