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how do i set the right side fan's RPM...i use smcFanControl but it only allows the left fan to be maxed(6200rpm) while the left side stays defaut(2000rpm)...I believe if both fans were running at max, it would solve the heat issues while playing games on the macbook retina. Getting a temp of 90 degrees with a laptop cooler and max rpm

MacBook Pro with Retina display, OS X Mountain Lion (10.8.2)
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    If your MBP is a 13" model, it has only one fan.



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    it is the 15" model

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    Then your issue is with the software developer.  You might try a delete and reinstall of SMC.


    With that said, note that 90 c is not lethal to your MBP, though it is hot.  Temperature can rise to over 100 c on occasions.  There are heat sensors that will shut your MBP down before it commits Hari Kari.


    If you do not have some thing like iStat pro installed, I suggest you do so.  This would enable you to verify the speeds shown by SMC.



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    Getting a temp of 90 degrees with a laptop cooler and max rpm


    With temps that high, I'd suspect you have some deeper issue invovled than fans, like some background process that is out of control. Anti-virus software, especially the "pay-for" types, are notorious for this. Some third-party backup software bundled with "on sale every day" external drives at the office superstore will also burden the system.


    First, if the computer is still in warranty or you have AppleCare extended protection, get Apple to look at it to make sure one fan or its sensor has not failed.


    If that shows both fans working, then use your computer normally for several hours, then quit any  programs you have launced. Now find the application Activity Monitor (in Macintosh Hard Drive > Applications > Utilities) and launch it. It's "Show" window is set by default to "My Processes." Change this to "All Processes" like this:


    ActMon settings example.png

    Then highlight the "%CPU" column header as shown so the most active processes are at the top.


    The listing will change as processes compete for resources, so watch the list for a minute or so. With no other user programs running, you should see no process using more that about 5 percent of the processor cycles (%CPU).


    If you see any that are using over about 10 percent, post back with the name(s) of the offending processes and we will try to get your oven running cooler.

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    I have SMC fan control installed on my 15inch retina and I don't have this problem. Something isn't right with your SMC fan control install if you can't change both fans.