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I use the iCloud facility in 1.6, to sync a shared icloud calendar with outlook on a desktop/laptop. This allows my wife and I to have a shared calendar.accessibleon the iPad's and the Windows machines we use. 


The fantastic feature of 1.6 allowed me to just sync Calendar's/Tasks and not email.
This allowed me to sync our Shared calendar to my WORK OUTLOOK and also to my Home Laptop.


Since 2.0 Apple have merged the settings so now you have no choice but to sync email too. I cannot sync my home email and my work email to iCloud. Nor do I need to.


Does anyone know if there is an intent to split these features back out.  2.1.1 doesnt seem to do this.

Windows 7
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    Since they're on 2.1.1 I doubt they would regress to functionality that long ago.. must be for some reason..

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    One way to get the desired customization you want could be to go into your Outlook settings and drop the iCloud email account . That should get you running the way you like,

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    Mmmmm.... this could work but not without first sending/synching email accounts.  Seems to me as soon as you check the box and hit apply, it goes into auto synch mode.... until it is set up.

    SInce I have 2 compeltely separate Outlook environments (Work and Home) I have no idea how it will handle the email synching.   For calendar's I know they are in separate locations/folders so work well.


    But I may have to just try it.

    Problem is...  unchecking may not display, but does it still synch anyway.
    There is also security issues of my work email becoming part of my home icloud account.


    One thing Windows and Apple  have never understood is how to keep these two separate.