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I have been searching to an answer to this problem for months. I organize my iMovie events by month, which involves a fair amount of splitting and merging events. Back in the August/September, 2012 timeframe, I could no longer merge events without iMovie '11 (9.08) crashing every time. It starts just fine, sets up the merged event, then just quits. No forum of any kind has discussed this same kind of problem. I had not, as far as I can tell, made any changes to my configuration betwen when this worked and when it didn't.


I have an iMac, 20-inch, Mid 2007 running OS X 10.8.2.


Things I have tried:


1. Checked memory (I have 4GB, so no issues) and hard drive space (also no issues 302 GB available).

2. Reloaded iMovie. No change.

3. Reloaded Mountain Lion. No change.

4. Moved two events to an external drive and then tried from there. No change. Still crashes.

5. Looked at all of the other causes for crashes of iMovie and took those steps (deleted plists, ivx, etc...). Nothing works.


I just can't find any relief from this problem. Nothing I do seems to have even the slightest impact.


Has anybody has this problem and/or know how to fix it?





iMovie '11, OS X Mountain Lion (10.8.2)
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    Clarification: iMovie 9.0.8

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    I would not recommend doing a lot of manipulation and merging of events. A little splitting or merging is fine, but I wouldn't do it every month.


    Can you describe what you are trying to achieve and what kind of camera you are using, and maybe I can suggest a different way.

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    I've used this technique for over five years and it's been extremely effective. I'm not looking for adjustments to my workflow or organization. I'm looking for help getting the program to function as designed.


    But to your point, I would consider this a pretty small amount of splitting and merging. I go back and do maybe one or two splits and one or two merges per month. Not much at all.


    To answer your question, I import video from an iPhone 5, iPhone 4s, Canon T2i, and a Sony HDR-FX1. The mixture of sources and time of import makes it much more productive to organize all of the footage by month.

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    Fair enough. Good luck.

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    Sorry to bother you again. Feel free to ignore this, as I know you like your workflow.


    Would it work for you to create a single event per month, say "January 2013". Then just import everything into that Event all month, no matter which camera.


    On the other hand, you can just import events as normal, and click VIEW/GROUP EVENTS BY MONTH and iMovie will sort them for you.


    Once again, my apologies for stating the obvious, which you probably already know.


    Going silent!

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    I appreciate all of the tips/tricks! I will use some of these. I still need to find a way to stop the program from crashing during this simple operation, since I'll still need it, but this does help a bit.

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    Merging events in iMovie '11 is an important feature for me. I was having frequent crashes during event merging on my late 2006 iMac and was hoping that my brand new 27-inch late 2012 iMac with 3.4 GHz Intel Core i7 with 8GB RAM would solve the problem. Well, unfortunately, it seems to be worse on the new iMac! I keep my events on an external HD, and I used to merge events with great frequency without a problem until several months ago. I assumed it was an underpowered computer, but that now does not seem to be the case.


    I have noticed that the crashes are more likely to occur with large events, but I can successfully complete a merge with small events, after a few attempts.


    Since my computer is brand new and under warranty, I plan to contact Apple support to see if they have any soulutions to offer.

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    I spoke with an Apple Advisor today, who stated that this was not a known issue. He believed that it was either a problem with my "content" or with my external hard drive. I plan to try moving it to a different drive to test that theory. Otherwise, I don't know why my content would be a problem. He suggested that I re-import the video into the desired event, rather than trying a merge. I would prefer that the software work as it is supposed to. It's frustrating since I thought buying an expensive new computer would solve the problem.

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    I am not entirely surprised this isn't considered a known issue. I was unable to find any evidence of others having the problem, at least until you posted this morning. I was really relieved to see I am not alone, although I am sorry you are having the same frustrations.


    I did report the error to Apple on at least a dozen occaisions with a fully annotated error report each time it crashed. Or maybe 12 out of the 50 crashes. I can readily reproduce the problem, and moving the movies to another drive didn't change the behavior.


    I ended up spending a few hours reimporting all my video since August, 2012, and now everything is aligned properly. And I'll continue to do the same workaround going forward. But I would like the program to work as designed.


    It is now a known issue since you reported it? If not, is there a way I should be reporting it as well?

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    The Apple Advisor said that my call to support would not be submitted to the people that develop the program. He said that the best way to do that would be to send annotated error reports when the program crashes, which I (like you) have done.


    I was disappointed that I did not sense a willigness on the part of the advisor to take any responsibility for the issue. The program crashed because of my hard drive or because of my content. Nevermind that this operation on the same hard drive, with no difference in the way I imported or handled my content, worked flawlessly until fairly recently. I hope that somebody at Apple looks at this issue and resolves it soon.

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    I don't have a solution either, but my Macbook Pro just crashed while trying to merge two events in iMovie as well. I had accidentally created a new event, and thought it would be a simple procedure - just drag the one event over the other and rename the event. I have a new 1TB Buffalo external hard drive and I've got a Samsung SSD in my machine. I guess I'll have to go ahead and re-copy all the events, which is going to take hours.

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    I have this same issues also.  When I just merge a few events together it will work, however if I merge more than 4-5 or so it will just quit with no warning and I have to relaunch iMovie.  Very frustrating.  The only work around is to merge fewer events at a time that I have found.  I use to follow your same method of organizing by month, but after so many years it is growing very long so I ammerging all my events together and will have them by years at this point....