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Have M-audio keys for controlling instuments and just got myself a Lexicon Omega system to (hopefully) record multiple in at same time.

Trouble is every track I select will not allow me to access inputs and stays at default input 1.

How do I tell Logic to see multiple inputs?


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    1; Check in the Audio Prefs that you have Universal Track Mode enabled.

    2. Also check that you have the Lexicon as Input device.

    3. Then make sure your track is a Stereo track. Click on the little circle right under the level meters in the Channel Strip.

    4. Once you've turned the track into a stereo track you should be able to assign a pair of inputs to it.

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    I have a similar problem and have posted on here asking for help. I see two inputs for some reason, and maybe because I was originally using a dual input device (Apogee duet) for recording. I now want to use a mixing desk I bought which was 12 channels and my Macbook for live recording through the desk. It works fine on my iMac, but not on my Macbook. I still only see 2 inputs and have also checked the Audio Prefs as stated above.

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    After changing the audio preferences to your new device (input and output, if applicable), did you press "apply changes"?


    Just a thought.

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    Yes, I did thanks