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Back when i got my mouse about a month and a half ago, I rarely had to change my batteries, Now it seems they run out every second day. I am using it almost the same amount aswell. Any ideas on what could be wrong?

Magic Mouse, iOS 6.1
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    Battery life is strictly a function of use.  It is always possible that there is some sort of mouse problem.


    I have used rechargeables for several years.  I currently use 2400 mAh Energizers and a 15 minute charger - also Energizer.  I bought a bunch of batteries and the charger (new) on eBay at a very reasonable cost.


    In addition to reducing cost over time, the rechargeables are environmentally friendly.



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    My Magic Mouse batteries seem to run down within a couple of days, even though I don't use it a whole lot.

    It's supposed to "sleep" when not in use, but I'm pretty sure it's not sleeping at all.  Is there a way to tell?

    Thx a lot, Bill