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I recently purchased a Verizon iPhone 5. I was using an iPhone 4, on AT&T. When I restore from a previous backup, I lose the ability to connect to the Verizon LTE/3G Network, getting a "You are not subscribed to a cellular service." I tried restoring from both a recent backup and a prior. Also, this is happening on both my mother's phone and mine, we have different computers. We have tried new hardware and a new SIM cards.



Airplane mode flick on/off; resetting network settings; none of it works unless I do a factory reset, in which case I'm back to square one.


I can use my iCloud to get my contacts, but I'm trying to get all of my photos/sms's back too.


iOS, 6.02 or 6.1, depending on the phone.


Thanks for your help,


iOS 6.1