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I have a double load programs in the iPhone 5, and communication I have a very fast, and when I carry any program in the iPad 3 is loaded within seconds, unlike the iPhone 5, which takes a very long time, why?

iPhone 5, iOS 6.1
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    Even I have the same Problem. My apps are not loading fast on iphone 5 ios6.1.  On ios 6.0.2 it was pretty cool. I shouldn't have updated. Anybody experincing same problem?  Or app store may be slow due to updation going around the IOS devices??

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    My problem is connected but not exactly same. I upgraded my iPad 4 from IOS6.0.1 to IOS6.1 then very obvious I saw battery usage about 1.5 times faster than before. And the game ASPHALT 7 slowed down a lot than before. I'm exploring how other apps are affected.


    I made the bad move to upgrade my iPhone from Ios5 to Ios6. I can't believe I stepped into the same hole again. In future I will NEVER upgrade IOS unless an immediate need.