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Are there any plans to increase the memory of the ipod classic? My current one is totally filled and I have so many other songs I'd like to have on it without taking other songs out.

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    No one here would know the answer to that. Anyone who does would be forbidden by a non-disclosure agreement from telling us.


    You basically have two options:

    1. Lower the bit rate used for your songs. If they are encoded above 128Kbps, then you may want to consider using 128Kbps. Many people cannot hear the difference.
    2. Use Smart Playlists to automatically remove songs from your iPod after you have listened to them, and to put them back on the iPod again after a suitable period of time has passed.


    Have a look at these two threads, to which I responded, which explain how Smart Playlists work:




    In both threads, the idea was simply to lower the repitition rate of songs. The only difference you would need to do is use Sync selected Playlists when Syncing your iPod. If you Sync only the selected ones, then anything not in a Playlist would be excluded from your iPod. With a bit of juggling, you can create several Smart Playlists, that include most but not all of your music and change that music according to rules you set up.


    I know that you say the is exactly what you don't want to do, but...

    • If you're maxed out and looking for an iPod with greater capacity than Apple currently sell, then you must have a 160GB iPod.
    • A 160Gb iPod can store so many songs that you cannot possibly need all of them at any one time. So why not decide which ones you could do without for a while and automatically exclude them, for instance, after you've heard them recently, and then allow iTunes to put them back on when taking others off?


    I'm currently experimenting with Smart Playlists to this end. I have one Smart Playlist that excludes any song that's recently been played, but puts it back again according to the following rules:

    • 4&5 star rated songs after a few months
    • 3 star rated songs after a longer period
    • 2 star rated songs after an even longer period
    • some unrated songs, limited to 50 or so
    • songs I've never played, limited to 80 or so songs.

    All in one Playlist.


    If you need any help with Smart Playlists, ask.