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Hi, I've been trying to learn with Automator and I just can't get it to work right/get the right workflow... Can someone please help, either by telling me what exacty to do or by creating this animator workflow?


Here's my basic problem. I had around 600 templates for AE which I am now sorting through, finally im starting to get close to getting them sorted, but now i need some general folder with previews. Each folder has a .flv preview video of that project. Here's what I would need some batch program (thinking automator) to do for me; go inside of each folder, and copy the .flv video to a set folder, but rename that video to the same name as the folder it got it from. This would be my thought on the workflow:


go inside folder

duplicate *.flv video

rename video to name of folder

move renamed video to a set directory

repeat with next folder


now, since I have around 400 of these folders, it would be very impractical to do this manually, and im starting to go insane since i just spent 4 days sorting through these folders... I am desperate and grateful for any help, Thanks!