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I have a 3rd gen Apple TV connected to my router via wired ethernet. I'm in the UK.


My problem is this:

Say I start watching Breaking Bad and watch the first 2 episodes on my iPad. When I go into Netflix on my Apple TV it automatically goes to the third episode as expected.

I watch the third episode and let it finish but my Apple TV still selects the third episode as if it hasn't been watched. I watch the fourth episode but my Apple TV is still on the third episode. I would expect the fifth episode to be selected.


If I now go into the Netflix app on my Samsung TV it automatically selects the third episode instead of the fifth as if I've only watched the first 2 episodes. I'm comparing with the functionality of my TV because the apps are more similar than Apple TV/iPad.


If I follow the above steps on my TV's Netflix app I get what I expect. Watch the third episode and the fourth gets selected when it's finished. Watch the fourth and the fifth is selected.


I've tried using Wi-Fi instead of wired but had the same problem.


I've Googled this problem and seem to be the only one experiencing this. Has anyone else seen this or, more importantly, does anyone know if there's a fix? Neither Apple nor Netflix want to know it would seem.

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    I am not sure I am following completly, but if the expectation is that all the seprate devices are going to know what you have already watched on some other device I do not belive that is realistice.  The automaticly moving to the next episode works for me on ATV, but if I watch one on one of my iDevices ATV has no way to know that.  It can only know about the ones I watched on ATV.

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    It's actually very realistic. Netflix keeps track of what you've watched. I've seen it happen on my TV and my old WD TV Live. It's only Apple TV that doesn't work. I managed rt o find a thread that stated that Netflix "broke" after version 5.0.2.