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I'm having quite a time figuring this out.  Long story short...I had forgotten my Apple ID and Password so had to do a whole new one...I'm thinking this has everything to do w/ my problems, but I'll continue...


Everything I purchased on the old ID can be seen on my Ipod in Itunes under the device name (Death Star)   But is not available in the ITunes Library.  With my new ID I had purchased a few movies which are seen in there, but I can't move them to my device to watch on it.  Kinda pointless to have movies stuck in itunes when I use my Ipod to watch them.


Now I got 2 ID's, both are the same info / I read you can't merge accounts.  I jsut want to be able to buy freakin' movies and be able to watch them on my device, not in Itunes...HELP!

iPod classic, Windows XP Pro