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I have a friend now in a third world county with a late-model Macbook that stopped working. Sine he has no computer now he asked me to post this question. He has Applecare but there is no Apple store in the country.  The problem sounded like the hard drive, so I helped him order a new one from MacSales.com, but it didn't fix it even after he worked with Apple on the phone. They think it must be the logic board, but unsure until they see it of course.


He'll be in London in a few weeks and can go to an Apple Store there and get warranty work on it.  Here's my question:  should he place the old drive in the MBP before bringing it in to Apple, or should he keep the new, larger capacity one he bought that's in it now.


By the way, he does have a complete Time Machine backup on an external drive.


Also, just checking, but on a standard (not Retina) late-2012 13: MBP, it does not void warranty to replace a hard drive yourself, right?


Thank you.

macbook pro, Mac OS X (10.5.6)