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I've been going through great levels of frustration for the last few weeks because the faders in my logic mix window seem to be going nuts.


Every now and then one will just suddenly go right up in volume, to its loudest point. It can be any of the tracks, at any given time, and the normally keeps doing it after that. It is not automation because I have checked time and time again, it happens randomly at different points, on ramdom tracks, and on the last 3 - 4 seperate logic sessions I have started?


I am currently trying to bounce a wav of one of my songs because I added some final EQ's and compression to the final mix, but I can't do it. Everytime I try, at one point the fader will shoot up, all at different points in the song. Again, it is not automation!


Can someone please help!? I'm just about ready to throw my computer out the window! haha.





Logic Pro, Mac OS X (10.6.8), Logic Pro 9