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Hey guys,


     I'm currently using a mid-2012 15" Retina MacBook Pro with 2.6 GHz + 16GB of ram. I've been really wanting to use the SETI home application. This application basically uses your CPU's power and GPU's power at 100% (unless you're doing something else)


     Obviously, with CPU + GPU at 100%, the fans are going to kick on. My question is, is it bad to run the computer at 100% capacity for GPU and CPU? Will this damage the fans over time?


     I'm talking about leaving the computer on for hours at a time and letting it do its thing. There's a very good chance it will be hot for several hours with the fans on for several hours.


     On a previous Retina MacBook Pro I owned, I tried this and processor reached 212 degrees F (boiling point for water) and 180 F for GPU. Fans were on all the time.


     Is this bad and how bad is it?


Thanks a lot.

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    It ain't good.

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    Obviously, it's not good to leave your Mac at an extremely high temperature for a very long time, but fans turn on automatically when the temperature climbs up. In this case, fans shouldn't damage just because of the temperature (fans are on your computer to keep the Mac cold), but you must be careful and install iStat Menus to check the temperature > http://bjango.com/mac/istatmenus/

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    You would be better off putting together an inexpensive desktop machine for things like this.

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    You're doing what some could call a burn-in run. Where you get everything hot and sustain that usage for long periods of time. The Mac can handle that, I have used older MBP's for the IT field and they had to process tons of data, they got hot, but I let them cool down at night.


    The fans won't get damaged, its a solid-state motor, unless you stick something in the fan...

    The thermal paste on the CPU/GPU may degrade quicker though. That is my one hesitation about dedicating this machine to that.


    I should note, that the heat and the power consumption is going to take it's toll on your electric bill too.

    85 watts * ~6 run hours per day = about $40 more on the bill.