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I downloaded some free comedy podcasts that are in movie format.  At first they wouldn't copy to my iPod Classic 80GB.  I then figured out that I needed to create a new version using the menu option in iTunes.  I did that and sucessfully copied the 8 podcasts to my iPod.  With my iPod connected to my computer, I can see the "Movies" category on my iPod and the 8 podcast videos that I placed there.  However, when I disconnect my iPod and search for them, I cannot find them on the iPod.  There is no "Movie" category on my iPod and looking for each one via the "search" feature comes up with no results.  What gives? 


If it matters, I'm using a MacBook running 10.6.8 and using iTunes v. 11.0.1


Thanks in advance for any ideas/help you can provide.