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  I've used Aperture for a few years but decided to give LR4 a try.  Now I'm in a quandry.  I like both.  I was wondering if anyone uses both apps regularly but for different purposes? I reckon I need to commit to one or the other but I'm really on the fence. Thanks, Mike

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    There's already been a lot of discussion about this topic. Do a forum search for "aperture lightroom". The more recent disussions are likely more relevent since LR has gone through multiple version upgrades in the past two years.

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    They both have the same features. Aperture was far better prior to Adobe's release of LR4, but now they are alike.

    LR4 is better integrated with Photoshop, but printing books from Aperture is definitely a far greater experience.

    I tried both but decided to stay with Aperture. Certainly I would never use both, because that would mean having referenced libraries and that is NOT a good choice for me.

    Also, consider that Aperture is $80 while LR4 is $ 149 ( nearly twice the price for almost identical features !! )


    Hope this helps.