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I would like help with a very basic question.  We have a MacPro, a new iMac, and a MacBook, each of which has a user account for myself and for my wife.  I am considering buying an iPad to use when we travel instead of the MacBook.  I understand that with an iPad one cannot establish two or more user accounts as can be done on a computer.  However, is there a reasonably convenient way for two people to share an iPad?  Specifically, could each access their iCloud based accounts for contacts and calendars?  I use .Mac mail, but my wife uses Hotmail, so there is not a problem there.  Bookmarks would probably also be a problem.  On the computers I use Safari and my wife uses Firefox, but I understand that Firefox will not run on an iPad.  Traveling with two iPads would defeat my goal of lighter;  in that case I may as well stick with the MacBook.  Any clarifications of how an iPad would or would not work for us will be greatly appreciated.

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    Hi bobio,


    Your understanding is correct. Only one iCloud account can be on the iPad at any given time. And the only way to change to another one would be to delete the one that was there initially, so really not something you'd want to do.


    You are also correct about the browser - Firefox does not have a browser version that will run on an IOS device - so no Firefox on the iPad.


    Like the iPhone, the iPad is not a multi-user device. So maybe you will need to stick with the Mac.


    One suggestion, however, if you are looking for lighter - not sure what type of Mac you have, but if you do not have the Macbook Air, I would say you might want to look into an 11" version of the Air. It is small, light, and very portable....


    Hope this helps!





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    Instead of Firefox use one of the many other browsers available on the iPad, for example, iCab Mobile, Chrome, etc.