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I got an iPod touch 5th generation delivered with iOS6.
Next to these I have iPod touch 4th generation iOS5 and iOS6


When I play movies with iOS6 and I want to use subtitels, pressing

the subtitle button kills the controls of the player. There is NO WAY

to open up the subtitles menu.


The first image shows the controls of the player....


ipod5-ios6-before press subs.PNG


Then pressing the subtitle icon (bottom right icon) and this whole field of icons

simple dissappears (see second image)


ipod5-ios6-after press subs.PNG

In the second image you can see the controls are gone.. There's no way to get

them back besides closing the movie and start it again. But then this will happen

again as soon as you press the subtitle buttons again.


This happened also on a 4th generation with iOS6. It worked perfect on iOS5.1.1


For your reference. On iPad it can work but iOS6 on an iPad has other problems

see here https://discussions.apple.com/message/20034922#20034922


As this is an official Apple forum, I suspect that Apple representatives are reading

these posts as well. Can someone react with some timeline of resolving the

meanwhile huge list of defects of iOS6 ?

iPod touch, iOS 6, 5th generation