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In my home theater, I just replaced my 1st gen 40GB ATV with the most recent ATV.  The software on the ATV has been updated.  I also have an Airport Express hooked into the system.  Everything is hardwired via ethernet.  With the original ATV, I had the ability to send the "main" signal via HDMI to my receiver and use the composite (RCA) jacks to send the audio to the amp that drives the 6 sets of speakers in other rooms in the house.  I could also use the Airport Express to stream music from my Mac Pro to both the main receiver and the Zone 2 amp for the rest of the house.  This gave me a great deal of flexibility depending on where I wanted the music to originate and whether I wanted the picture show from the ATV on the main screen.


So far I have found that I can't do this with the new ATV.  When I select AirPlay in the settings menu in ATV and I select the Airport Express, it mutes the audio to the HDMI signal.  This picture remains but the audio quits.


Bottom line, can the new ATV send the audio signal at the same time via HDMI and Airplay?


If not, does anyone know if the HDMI signal and the optical signal are both active at the same time?