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I have an iphone 4s.  I have two email accounts set up on AOL.  I am using the same server for sent email on both accounts.  The two accounts have been working fine for almost a year.  Now when I try to send an email on my secondary account I get a message that the email cannot be sent due to the server not allowing relaying.  I do not know what that means or how to correct it.  I would appreciate any input on how to correct this.

Thanks in Advance for any help!!

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    The message means that your email server thinks you are an outside user trying to connect to them and send email to someone not on their system.  This most often happens when your sending email address is not from the same domain as the emails server you are trying to use.  You might have a typo in your email address or in the server name.


    My ISP used to give me that message when I was trying to send email while using AT&T cellular data network connections.  It would work fine if I was on wifi, but not on cellular data.

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    Thanks for the input.  I could not get it to work so I just added the same smtp again on the "add server" under the page SMTP. and it is working.  I cannot delete the original one due to the page that you go to when you tap the on

    location is grayed out.  I do not understand this unless this has to do with restrictions.  I noticed that the restrictions is on in the settings location.  I do not understand this either since I have not enabled this or put in a passcode.  I tried to turn it off but apparently need a passcode which I do not have.

    Bottom line my email is working again on that server. 

    Would the grayed out page be due to the restrictions being on or is there something else that I can not find?

    Thanks again!!