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After tons of hair pulling and confusion and D&B people telling me that magic problems will magically go away with the transfer of money...


It turns out that I was receiving the "DUNS Number not accepted" error because there wasn't a space at the end of my company name in the online enterprise application form.




Really, really.




So, if you have no idea why your DUNS number is a blocking issue after 'forever' - try putting a space at the end of your company's name.


Worked like magic - thanks to the Apple Developer Support person who said "yeah, you might want to try...  I know it sounds crazy but..."

Enterprise Developer Program
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    I've got same problem on DUNS number. Once I asked Apple Developer Program Support, they told us that my company name listed on my enrollment doesn't match the information provided by D&B and they were unable to determine the legal entity type of my company because the D&B profile is incomplete. They also gave a link to complete the D&B profile, but it's only for company located in US which was not suitable for my company that is located in Indonesia.


    I still don't get how am I supposed to do to get this DUNS number accepted & registration fulfilled. I've tried your trick by giving space at the end of my company name. I wrote "ABC, PT " but still, it didn't work.


    Could you help me by giving some example on how your trick will work?

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    Well, my problem was that the DUNS database had a space after my company name and the Apple submission code clearly didn't trim whitespace around the company name on the DUNS lookup.  The Apple Dev Support person could see my company name as being valid in their DUNS lookup but the form just kept refusing the company information.


    I think there's a link somewhere on the Apple Developer site that lets you check if your company comes up in their DUNS search (I don't recall exactly though - I thought I did this at one point.)


    This whole 'DUNS Number' thing is kind of shady, since the DUNS people were constantly trying to scam me out of LARGE sums of money during the process - "Oh, the problem is that you need a complete corporate profile, for $700 but hey, I can get you a deal on it if you do it now over the phone - only $299..."

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    Thanks very much for the helpful post. We are having similar issues, how did you get someone on the phone? Would you mind posting the number so I can give them a call?

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    UPDATE: Got this sorted out (I think). Highly recommend using the Apple DUNS Lookup to generate an enrollment email.




    You still need a DUNS number, but at least that ensures the Apple-side verification will go smoothly. It's quick and you get an answer right away.


    If you need to get a DUNS number, go here:



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    This is a complete rip off. We've had a DUNS number for a GSA contract without problems but even during those times DUNS representatives were always trying to con us into paying them money for things we do not need. Now they claim we need to provide evidence of our corporate entities form when attempting to get an apple developer account. What is Apple thinking ? Do they realize how pathetic and annoying dealing with DNB is ?