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I'm a new Logic Pro user. Prior to posting this question I searched the internet and this forum to find others with the same issue. I found many questions (and great answers) with regard to quiet "bounces", but not with regard to tracking.



My (simple) set up:


Logic Pro


Dynaudio BM6s's

Mac Pro


Tracking is just unusually quiet. When in Pro Tools (using the identical set up, just switching between software), tracking is a loud as I need it, and then some. If I switch to Logic, tracking is half again quieter. For instance, If I track using my 002r and PT, my monitor level (knob) is at about 9 oclock. With Logic, it is at 2oclock.

What's more, my Main output in Logic is pegged, all red, all the time. I've tried instatiating the Adaptive Limiter to get some gain, and it helps a bit (not much really).


Is there somethig in the software I may not have ticked, (or inadvertantly ticked) that might be the reason for this problem?



Thank you for your time and help.

Logic Pro, Mac OS X (10.6.7)