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Richie Hofherr Level 1 Level 1 (5 points)

I typically am not one to complain, however the new iTunes is SO bad and so NON-productive that I have to say something, especially as a major stock holder of AAPL for over 10 years.



1 - The way you manage the library and then the store is majorly confusing.  The old way was much better and easier to find and understand



2 - the syncing over wireless doesn't work properly.   When i tried doing a search on another computer thru the connected other iTunes from other computers, the search results were not proper and it would not let me select the tracks it found.  It was hung up.



3 - Managing playlists is a pain because you have to know how to be a magician to get it to work smoothly... go back to the easy way you had it...





In closing, it seems that whoever heads the software division over there needs to re-evaluate how you guys upgrade software.  With iTunes, Quicktime, Text Edit and Final Cut Pro, you add such great things to improve the program, but you take away basic fundamentals of work flow that you guys set with your users from previous versions, and then you make basic things now become difficult to work.  (i.e. - taking "save as" out of text edit) 



I understand your push for these changes, as you are trying to attempt to change the psychological workflow towards cloud world and less files on hard drives to meld the ipad users and no-par users experience, however in a work environment a file based system is and always will be needed.  Using the iTunes in this current version is a terrible experience, one that many people have expressed to me, I just hope you fix it soon and listen to the customer feedback on it.