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I've selected AirPlay as both my system and Mainstage audio outputs but can't hear anything coming through my Apple TV. All other computer audio output works through the ATV, and Mainstage is unmuted and works fine through the Built-In System output. As I soon as I switch to AirPlay in Mainstage, there is no audio coming out, although output IS showing up on the Master out channel in MS.

OS X Mountain Lion (10.8.2), 8GB RAM, Core i7
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    Sound like a bug, I would report it to Apple:



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    I had this same problem when I tried it - No output from the AirPlay even though the display was shwing up and the output device was "Apple TV"  in fact if I went to the sound preference panel and attempted to increase the volume, the AirPlay did play the beeps that preference panel emitted. I called Apple support and they were unsure ar first that this capability is even supported.  They had me try to reproduce the problem with a new user account. In my case MainStage did work with the Apple TV under the new account.  So, they recommended that I quit MainStage, then delete the MainStage-related plist file in my home directory's library/preferences/ folder:





    After deleting this file, I relaunched MainStage and was able to get the Mainstage output on the ausio system attached to the airport.  The delay encoundered is excessive - unsuitable for live performance for me, possibly dud to the fact that I am using an 802.11g wireless connection rather the faster 802.11.n connection. It works fine otherwise.