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Hi all,


My wife and I discovered that our separate "Notes" got all messed up because we use one common email address at home. 

We sorted that out now.  Her "Notes" sync (to her iPhone and MacBook Pro) through a different email address, and she gets all her email correctly in Mail (two different gmail addresses, but all that works just fine).


My Mail syncs well (iPad, iPod Touch, and a MacBook Pro) using just one Gmail address.


So here's my question: I would like to get "Notes" to sync, but in order to do that, iCloud keeps asking me to set up an iCloud email address.  I REALLY don't want to do that if it will start messing up my Gmail account in Mail.  (I can imagine all sorts of catastrophes here.)


Is there a way to get "Notes" to sync over an iCloud email account while making sure that that iCloud email account does NOTHING ELSE???  I can't use our common email address to sync my notes because then we'll be messing each other up again.


I hope my question is clear, and I would welcome any answers or similar experiences.


Thank you.

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