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I use Aperture as my primary photo editng program, and do the editing on my MacPro.  While traveling, as a backup to my memory cards, I have been importing the RAW files from my Nikon DSLR into Aperture on my laptop (MacBook).  When I get home I then import again directly from the cards to my MacPro, using the files on the laptop only if the card is lost or corrupted.  QUESTION:  I am considering getting an iPad to replace the MacBook while traveling. Is it possible to import my Nikon RAW files onto the iPad, using any program/app that will store them as a backup to my cards?  I would not do editing on the iPad.  I do not believe that there is an Aperture app/program that will run on the iPad (could be wrong), but that would not be necessary for my purposes.  I only want a place to store the RAW files and then be able to retrieve them in an emergency in an unaltered form.  Thanks for any suggestions.

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    You sure can, and it's actually pretty easy.


    First, you'll need the Camera Connection Kit for your iPad so you can either connect your camera via it's USB cable, or read an SD card if that's what your camera uses.


    No software is necessary on the iPad...simply connect the camera or SD card using the CCK and the iPad will import the images into a new event.


    Then when you are ready to import the images on the iPad into Aperture, simple connect it via it's USB cable and do an import in Aperture. The iPad will show up in Aperture as a device, and you can import the images on the iPad using all your usual settings.


    One obvious consideration is to make sure you get an iPad with enough storage for the photos you anticipate storing on it. As you know, RAW files--depending on your camera model--can use up storage pretty quickly. Apple just announced a 128GB version of the iPad so you have plenty of options.


    The iPad is a great device for what you describe, i.e., using it as a travel device.  You can easily view your images, do slideshows, and do some basic editing using iPhoto and other apps. Just don't plan on doing a lot of heavy-duty editing with it.

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    Thanks.  Do you know if you can import from a CF card (used by my older Nikon D200) perhaps using a USB card reader attached to the iPad?

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    The only USB reader I'm aware of that will work on the iPad is the Kodak A250 and they are getting hard to find. Most readers require too much power and will not work. You'll still need the USB-iPad adapter which is part of the CCK. Using the reader only eliminates the cable connection from the camera to the iPad.

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    The camera connection kit comes with two pieces, an SD card reader and a USB adapter. You can plug a CF card reader into the USB adapter. There is limited power available from the camera connection kit and some CF readers need more power than is available and therefore won't work. I would suggest doing a web search using your CF reader model and camera connection kit to see if you can find confirmation that yours will work.


    Also, realize there are now two different camera connection kits. If you get iPad 1 - 3, you'll need the old 30 pin version. If you get the 4th generation iPad or the iPad mini you'll need the lightning connector version.


    Side note: If you enable Photo Stream on your iPad and in Aperture, you won't even need to connect the iPad to your Mac Pro when you get home. As soon as the iPad detects a usable WiFi network, it will upload your new images to Photo Stream. When you open Aperture on your Mac it will automatically import the new Photo Stream images. You can then move them to a particular project if you wish. The only downside to this is you don't get to use the automatic import presets in Aperture where you can apply default IPTC metadata/keywords during the import. You'll need to do that after the import. And if you shot video it won't upload to Photo Stream. Images only.

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    Thanks to you both.  Thomas, with the Photo Stream option, does it export/import the RAW files, or does it turn them into jpegs?

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    I only shoot RAW and it worked for me. I don't know if there's a limit to filesize or not. For example, would RAW files from a D800 (36MP) work? But your D200 is comparable to in size to what I did.

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    I should add that if you do try to edit RAW files on the iPad, it will only work on the embeded JPEGs from the RAW files. It doesn't actually do any RAW decoding on the iPad. But it will pass the RAW files through Photo Stream.

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    If you find the iPad runs out of space too quickly, you could go down the route of using a Hyperdrive UDMA colorspace. I have a 1TB version of this device for travelling. I can take a memory card (Compactflash or SD), put it into this device, which then copies the files quickly. There is a small screen to check the transfer worked. Back home, I import from the device into Aperture directly. Very easy and reliable; on a recent trip it coped with 5,500 raw files without any problems.



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    Photojojo.com has a CF reader. Works like the Apple CCK.  I've never used one though.