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Hello Apple Community


How is everybody?


I know this is not the most appropriate place to post this question, but I have already posted it on many forums but could not get an answer.


I have decide to create an artificial intelligence program.


I have so far tried two A.I. programs :Siri by Apple and Cyman System for Android


My goal is to create something similar.


I understand that this a big project and would take months and years to complete.


I wonder if anyone can tell me what computer language would be best and where I can find some study material for that language.


Thank you so much for all your support!!

MacBook Pro, OS X Mountain Lion (10.8.2)
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    Very interesting question!  I too have toyed with the idea of making a virtual assistant, but never really took it to the next level.  Here is a link about Siri that could be useful: http://www.novaspivack.com/technology/how-hisiri-works-interview-with-tom-gruber -cto-of-siri.  It looks like siri, was written using a combination of Java, Javascript, and Objective C.  I would love to help you out in this endeavor of yours (testing, maybe even some development). 


    Let me know how I can help!





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    As far as study matirial goes, there are many resorces out there for learning these languages.  I have found the most benefiting one for me has been from Udemy.com.  They have a variety of good programming cources for the absolute begginer and I found them to be most beneficial. 


    How much programming expiriance do you have?

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    I also see that you have quite a bit of expiriance with applescript, and that you are already well on your way to achiveing your AI assistant goal.  I think, you will be able to incorperate some of your creations into the final product.  (Tried out your weather assistant, works great, nice job). 


    Here's my email.  Keep me posted on your progress, I think this has a lot of potential.  Who knows?  You could even make something like JARVIS from Iron Man





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    Thank you so much for all your suggestions!


    I will take a look into the links and defintly keep you post!


    Yes my inspiration was from Jarvis in Iron Man.


    About my programming skills:


    I have played around with applescript for sometime now and have a good amount of knowledge on it.


    I am also starting to learn the Java programming langauge.


    My current Project (Jarvis) so far........


    I have wrote more than 100+ applescript and use Mac speech recognition to trigger them.


    It is kind of hard to memorize all the commands.


    I was wondering if there is anyway to combine them into a simple application that can have more flexiblity in speech recognition. For example:


    What is the weather?


    The system can just listen for weather not the whole phrase.


    My focus for this project in the near future is for the Mac OS. (Have more experience, do actually own a working android phone and don'y have an iPhone)


    Thanks again!

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    Really man? That's awesome! I have been working on scripting different things for my Jarvis to do as well. ATM, I have a daily work alarm set for every weekday at 8am that will read the time, based on my current location it will tell me the current temp, high and low for the day, and the current weather conditions.


    It also notifies me if I have any appstore updates, unread emails, calendar events for the day, birthdays of anyone in my contacts.


    When reading me everything, it starts by playing a certain playlist, saying everything, and then switching to a different playlist.


    The File if you want to take a look at it is hosted on github.