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The app for the Daily Telegraph keeps crashing after the update to 6.1. Download the paper via the Wi-Fi and when you turn off the Wi-Fi and go to the app to read the paper its OK - but turn the iPad off and switch it on after a while and go to the app to read the Telegraph it just crashes - Why?

I have even connected the ipad to my mac and chose restore in itunes and the Telegraph app still does not work.

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    Hi Roger,

    Are you putting it to sleep, pressing the top button once, or are you actually turning it off via the red swipe?


    Couple of points:

    - you should restart (red swipe) after installing an app. Recommended by nobody really does it.

    - the paper may not have downloaded fully or correctly

    - the app may need an update too.

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    Hi, I have switched it off via red swipe.

    I think the app needs an update we will see