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steps to reproduce this issue:


1. create any AppleID1

2. purchase any iPad1

3. purchase any app1 which allows in-app content to be purchased from a store

4. purchase Mobileme - create a new AppleID2

5. stop using the AppleID1 anymore - devices now all setup to use AppleID2

6. purchase any iPad2

7. sync the iPad2 to your Mac - app1 gets installed

8. attempt to restore purchased content within app1 - use button akin to "restore purchases"

9. prompts for Apple ID login

10. type in the AppleID2 login - "regrant failed. Please purchase the software application first".

Well I have the Apple Invoice for the app folks, I can prove that Ive paid for it.


Suggestions on how to overcome this issue ? Yes, Ive already submitted feedback to Apple to allow merging of Apple ID's - nobody knows if or when that may ever happen. Sad. 

iPad 2, iOS 5.0.1