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apple you need to add themes and widgets to your next ios and to your os if you look at all the websites about what people want on the next ios most of them say they want themes and widgets just look at all the other mobile os's they all have themes and skins and widgets now and they make life easier by just unlocking your phone u can see the time weather the latest facebook staus control your music and see the song title and album artwork and much more and to the themes people want more customization and difference after all were all differnt not one person is the same so why should are phones be the same your phone or ipad or other devices should represent you not the people who made the device people want to unlock there phone and now that they can easily see that its there phone and be happy straight away even if you put customization as an option in the device so when u in my case update to the next os or when u start up the phone and it comes up with the setup wizard you can choose were you want to customize your interface or just have an easy to use interface and make it an option